Away Game

My great-great-grandfather came to visit us at the lake. This was unexpected because he died 110 years earlier. He spoke in a Mennonite brogue that featured sure-footed enunciation with short demanding sentences and syntax reminiscent of a buggy ride over frozen stubble. Clear eyes stared … Continue reading Away Game

Bitter Falls

Lily peered out the window of her sparsely furnished room to the street below. She could see the entire length of Main Street that wound through Bitter Falls like a fat, filthy snake. Rain had been falling for three days now, churning mud beneath the … Continue reading Bitter Falls

I am Otter

I met an otter near the public boat launch. He was eating the remnants of a Wendy's hamburger. As I approached, he shuffled around, giving me his back. I knew he wanted privacy but couldn’t help staring. “Excuse me,” he said. “May I help you?” “I'm … Continue reading I am Otter